Review: Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now

This is a cuticle cream with vitamins and soy proteins. The packaging is white and orange, and small enough to fit into your handbag to carry with you everywhere. The cream is rich and emollient, without being greasy and it absorbs quickly. It even smells pleasant, a little perfume-y. You only need a little bit, so a quick dab in the morning, during my lunch break and when I get home in the evening. Which is handy, as there isn’t alot in the tiny tub (14.3ml).

It’s improved the state of my cuticules, but hasn’t really done much for my weak, bendy and peeling nails. It’s less messy than using a oil, and absorbs much quicker. I wouldn’t be repurchasing as I need a more multi-use product – I may as well have just used a hand cream as this product did nothing for my nails. If it’s a cure for raggedy cuticules, then give this a shot.