Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils Review

Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip PencilsMaybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils Light it Up Nude Essential berry much minimalist keep it classyMaybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils Light it Up Nude Essential berry much minimalist keep it classy

I spotted these lip pencils whilst on a late night chocolate hunt at my local Tesco store. I couldn’t decide which colour to pop in my basket and ended up buying five. Although I’m wishing I had bought more as these short little chubby pencils are a fantastic find.

The pencils are all in beautiful colours and a excellent formula – semi-matte but still creamy and not too drying. Comparisons to the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are obvious – they’re quite similar in finish. Maybelline’s lip pencils tend to wear off without leaving a stain, are smaller and a great low budget alternative. At £4.99 you won’t be horrifically upset if you lost one of these babies on a night out.

They’re lightweight and easy to carry around in your purse or pocket. I like the simple black pencil with the colour swatch at the bottom so I can see what I’m reaching for out of my lippy drawer.

The first shade I have swatched is “Light it Up” – a bright pink toned red. My favourite by far is “Nude Essential.” I’ve already had to sharpen this shade as it’s perfect for trying out Kylie Jenner inspired lips. “Keep it Classy” is a surprisingly deep colour, a pinky plum shade that will suit most skin tones. Next is “Minimalist” which is a sheer wash of nude-y pink on the lips. The pencil is slightly shimmery but this doesn’t translate well on the lips. It’s a great colour for Spring. And last but not forgotten is “Berry Much” – the perfect Autumn/Winter berry shade. It’s deep, dark and great for those who enjoy wearing a bold lip colour.

I highly recommend keeping your lips well scrubbed and moisturised before applying these as they will highlight flaky dry lips. I am a big lip product lover and these Colour Drama pencils tick all the boxes.


Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Flushed Review & Swatches

Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes have finally hit UK shelves.  So far I’ve seen two shades, Pinched and Flushed (which I purchased). They’re part of Revlon’s Summer Collection for 2012, but I’m sure they’ll likely become firm favourites and stay as part of their general collection of makeup available on our local high street.

They come in little flat pots, not unlike Bobbi Brown’s potted rouge, with a screw top lid. They’re sturdy and are suitable for travel. I like the size, and the fact that you get0.44oz of product, which will last forever. They retail around the £7.99 mark, a bit cheaper at the moment as alot of shops (Boots and Superdrug) currently have them on a introductory offer. I feel this is a tad expensive for a high street/drugstore product, but it’s still cheaper than it’s Bobbi Brown counterparts.

As you can see Flushed is a bright,  fuchsia pink. Flushed doesn’t apply as bright as it does in the pan, to my relief. It’s not as vibrant on skin as they are in the pot. This could be extremely disappointed for some consumers who were expecting a bright pop of colour.  The product is very sheer, and even with a heavy hand, it still needs to be applied in layers. No clown faces here!

(Some pretty heavy handed swatches, on the right the product is blended)

It’s so lightweight that it leaves your cheeks with just a hint of a lovely natural flush. The “photoready” aspect means it looks seamless and flawless on your skin. The problem I have is that they don’t last very long on my skin. Roughly 3 hours before it all starts to disappear. 4 hours and it’s gone. I don’t like re-applying throughout the day. I’ve managed to get the blush to stay on longer by using a primer and setting spray, but honestly I expected more wear out of this cream blush.

Overall the formula and texture is nice, silky and soft. The natural finish is also a plus because of the sheerness of the product. However if you’re looking for a vibrant, long-lasting cream blush – these aren’t for you.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Maybelline are usually pretty good with their new releases. They’re mascaras are all pretty fantastic, and it’s almost a sure bet that you’ll get something decent from the Maybelline stand in your local Boots, Superdrug or supermarket. The recent Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows are available all over the place, and often on offer (3 for 2’s) which make these a superb budget beauty buy.

I bought two of the new shades released in the UK. I have Eternal Gold (above), and On and On Bronze (below). Both work really well to compliment each other. There’s been lots of hype surrounding these products, and I’ve had them in my makeup box for a while but only recently managed to give them a full test on how wearable they are.


Eternal Gold is a beautiful gold cream, and On and On Bronze (above) is a dark, rich copper. The product is creamy and soft, and doesn’t remain wet for long after application. They’re easy to blend, especially as they’re shimmery colours. You can use your fingers or brushes to apply them, and build up colour.

The staying power of these is phenomenal. A good 8 hours. Any longer and I’d have been sleeping in them. They remained true to colour, without fading or creasing. And that’s without a primer. I would imagine they could last much longer if you needed them too.

Overall I really like this range of affordable, long-lasting cream eyeshadows. The formula and price makes these a winner.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

So I picked this up, along with a few other pieces during a 3 for 2 offer at Tesco. Looking at Beauty products during your weekly food shop is dangerous, something always ends up in my basket. It retails for around £7.99, so it’s cheaper than a usual high street foundation. The shade I picked up is called “Medium” – it’s a tad too dark, but will look fine once I get my Summer tan on the go. Up until a couple of weeks ago I would’ve definately have purchased “Light”.

It claims to be an 8 in 1 product, which would be pretty handy. Who wouldn’t want to skip out on moisturiser, concealer, foundation and instead use one product? The gell based formula enhances skin by;

1. Creates a natural glow
2. Compliments skin tone
3. SPF30 UV Protection
4. Hydrates all day
5. Blurs imperfections
6. Oil-free, non-greasy
7. Looks visibly smooth.
8. Feels fresh

At least that’s what the packaging says. Unfortunately there’s nothing anti-aging, or anything that will help improve your skin (except for the hydrating aspect) and the formula has very little pigment. In all honesty, it’s just another tinted moisturiser that’s been branded as a BB cream. Many “BB creams” in the UK market just don’t live up to the quality of the original Asian BB creams.

If you can get over the fact that this is a tinted moisturiser that’s been mis-labelled as a BB cream, then you’ll be okay. Anything more and you’ll be disappointed.

The gel formula is lovely, very comfortable to wear and hydrating. My skin hasn’t missed my usual daily moisturiser in the morning. It blends well and is great for Summer when a foundation is too much.

Coverage is barely there. None of my imprefections, or blemished were “blurred” as there were still very much visible. Skin has a fresh faced glow rather than any actual coverage. The product does contain SPF 30, which is pretty good. However you need only apply a thin layer of the product, so I’m not entirely convinced you’ll get proper sun protection.

Overall, it’s a nice product. I’ll continue to use it throughout the Summer. If you’ve never tried any of the Asian BB creams before, you might like this one. Otherwise, and you’ll be disappointed.