Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo – Naked and Uplifting Volume

herbal essences dry shampoo review naked and uplifting volumeherbal essences dry shampoo review naked and uplifting volume

My fringe needs a good blast of dry shampoo on a daily basis. I am a dry shampoo junkie and proud! And more often than not, I’m not particularly picky or brand loyal when it comes to dry shampoo. I don’t have any complaints as long as it does the job.

Unfortunately, I do have complaints about these two dry shampoos from Herbal Essences. First to meet my wrath was the Naked version. It looks clean, sleek and inviting inside that white aerosol can. The peppermint oil smells delicious but the tapioca starch doesn’t seem to do much of a cleaning job. The product feels very wet on my hair initially and whilst it doesn’t look as greasy as it did before, the Naked shampoo doesn’t seem to have much oomph as a rice starch dry shampoo like Batiste.

Slightly better is the Uplifting Volume version in the orange bottle. The fine mist is lightweight and the citrus scent is lovely. Again, this one also applies quite wet so try not to over do it. But it’s not volumising or uplifting in the slightest and doesn’t deliver on it’s promises. It does however perform better than the Naked version.

Neither of these shampoos will leave you with granny grey chic hair – they’re not white like other dry shampoos. But they just don’t seem to work as effectively. If I had to choose one to buy again, it’d be the orange Uplifting Volume version but I can’t say I’d ever bother repurchasing either. Tapioca starch based dry shampoos just aren’t for me.


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