Clearasil – Superfruits Refreshing Pads Review

Clearasil - Superfruits Refreshing Pads ReviewClearasil - Superfruits Refreshing Pads Review

I suffer from adult acne. I wish I didn’t. Hormone imbalances often mean my face is consistently being attacked by deep, cystic acne. A new one pops up almost daily. Or at least they used to. Thanks to Clearasil, I’m beginning to win the war on spots.

I wasn’t too keen on trying these – Clearasil and I aren’t the best of friends. None of their products have ever worked for me, often having the opposite effect and making spots worse. But you’d have to pry the Superfruits Refreshing Pads from my cold dead hands before I’d be willing to give them up.

First I cleanse my face, followed by a quick wipe with one these pads. They have a strong chemical scent – don’t be fooled by the pictures of berries on the tub. The product does contain alcohol which will sting on any cuts or grazes, but it also contains the holy grail Salicylic Acid. This ingredient works hard to fight the spots, reducing them in size by the morning. The pad itself is nothing luxurious at all. Everything about this product – the alcohol, parfum and rough pads – scream “cheap!” However I’ve never used anything as effective at preventing spots as these pads. Ever.

The only downside is that continuous use of these pads morning and night does my skin feel sensitive – I switch up my skincare routine with other toners and only use these in the evening. I follow up with my usual serum and then moisturiser.

And these are such a bargain. Retailing at £4.07 at Boots but even better, I found my tub at Home Bargains for £1.29. That’s probably less than the change I carry in my purse. Absolute steal!


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