L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Review

l'oreal elvive extraordinary oil

The problem with living a separate life away from my boyfriend is that when I do finally go to stay at his flat for a weekend, I’m left struggling to pack the right beauty products. I wish I could take them all with me and have everything at my disposal but it just isn’t practical to haul a suitcase worth of hair products for one weekend at the boyf’s.

Which is how I ended up purchasing L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil one rainy afternoon at my local Asda. You can often find this oil on offer somewhere, Boots, local supermarkets ect but it retails at £9.99. A bargain for a product that is proud to be ultra versatile and has 6 natural oils – rose, chamomile, flax, lotus, tiara and sunflower. I immediately popped it in my basket as a multi-use item I could have laying around my boyfriend’s flat.

I’ve used it as a hair mask – rubbing a larger than normal amount into my hair 20 minutes before a shower. Honestly? My hair wasn’t transformed into smooth silky hair. There wasn’t much of a difference at all. Maybe it needs longer than 20 minutes to work it’s magic? It did at least make my hair smell lovely.

I mainly use it as a form of heat protection, plus another pump of oil afterwards to put stray frizzies into place. Perhaps I’m a difficult person to please, but I just haven’t been blown away by this product.

The packaging is gorgeous and the glass bottle, although not ideal for travelling, is very luxurious indeed. It does the job, heat protection and smoothing, but it isn’t a game changer. I’d recommend giving it a go if you have dry, parched locks like mine if you can find the Extraordinary Oil on offer (1/3 off at Boots maybe?) just don’t pay full price. There are cheaper products on the shelves that do the same thing.


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