Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils Review

Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip PencilsMaybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils Light it Up Nude Essential berry much minimalist keep it classyMaybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils Light it Up Nude Essential berry much minimalist keep it classy

I spotted these lip pencils whilst on a late night chocolate hunt at my local Tesco store. I couldn’t decide which colour to pop in my basket and ended up buying five. Although I’m wishing I had bought more as these short little chubby pencils are a fantastic find.

The pencils are all in beautiful colours and a excellent formula – semi-matte but still creamy and not too drying. Comparisons to the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are obvious – they’re quite similar in finish. Maybelline’s lip pencils tend to wear off without leaving a stain, are smaller and a great low budget alternative. At £4.99 you won’t be horrifically upset if you lost one of these babies on a night out.

They’re lightweight and easy to carry around in your purse or pocket. I like the simple black pencil with the colour swatch at the bottom so I can see what I’m reaching for out of my lippy drawer.

The first shade I have swatched is “Light it Up” – a bright pink toned red. My favourite by far is “Nude Essential.” I’ve already had to sharpen this shade as it’s perfect for trying out Kylie Jenner inspired lips. “Keep it Classy” is a surprisingly deep colour, a pinky plum shade that will suit most skin tones. Next is “Minimalist” which is a sheer wash of nude-y pink on the lips. The pencil is slightly shimmery but this doesn’t translate well on the lips. It’s a great colour for Spring. And last but not forgotten is “Berry Much” – the perfect Autumn/Winter berry shade. It’s deep, dark and great for those who enjoy wearing a bold lip colour.

I highly recommend keeping your lips well scrubbed and moisturised before applying these as they will highlight flaky dry lips. I am a big lip product lover and these Colour Drama pencils tick all the boxes.


L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Review

l'oreal elvive extraordinary oil

The problem with living a separate life away from my boyfriend is that when I do finally go to stay at his flat for a weekend, I’m left struggling to pack the right beauty products. I wish I could take them all with me and have everything at my disposal but it just isn’t practical to haul a suitcase worth of hair products for one weekend at the boyf’s.

Which is how I ended up purchasing L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil one rainy afternoon at my local Asda. You can often find this oil on offer somewhere, Boots, local supermarkets ect but it retails at £9.99. A bargain for a product that is proud to be ultra versatile and has 6 natural oils – rose, chamomile, flax, lotus, tiara and sunflower. I immediately popped it in my basket as a multi-use item I could have laying around my boyfriend’s flat.

I’ve used it as a hair mask – rubbing a larger than normal amount into my hair 20 minutes before a shower. Honestly? My hair wasn’t transformed into smooth silky hair. There wasn’t much of a difference at all. Maybe it needs longer than 20 minutes to work it’s magic? It did at least make my hair smell lovely.

I mainly use it as a form of heat protection, plus another pump of oil afterwards to put stray frizzies into place. Perhaps I’m a difficult person to please, but I just haven’t been blown away by this product.

The packaging is gorgeous and the glass bottle, although not ideal for travelling, is very luxurious indeed. It does the job, heat protection and smoothing, but it isn’t a game changer. I’d recommend giving it a go if you have dry, parched locks like mine if you can find the Extraordinary Oil on offer (1/3 off at Boots maybe?) just don’t pay full price. There are cheaper products on the shelves that do the same thing.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers
MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers
MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers

If there’s one product I can’t resist buying into, it’s lippy. So now that MUA have decided to include some new shades in their Velvet Lip Lacquer range, I gave in and bought three. For £3 each, many beauty bloggers are hailing these as budget dupes for the infamous (and practically difficult to obtain) Lime Crime Velvetines. I can’t make any real comparisons between the two products as my Lime Crime Velvetines are still being shipped out. But rest assured that when they arrive it’ll be swatch central in my house.

With the introduction of 4 new nude-y shades, there are 9 in total to choose from. I picked up Halcyon, Funk and Reckless. Swatched on my arm in that order,

Halcyon is the nude everybody will want to get their hands on. It’s one of the four newest released nude shades that were added to the Velvet Lacquer collection and it’s perfect for creating that 90’s Kylie Jenner inspired lip. Personally, I lived through the 90’s and I have no idea why brown lipstick was such a winner then or even now but Halcyon is a wearable warm, pink-ish nude that most people will be able to wear.

Funk is a bold fuchsia pink shade that I wish I had in my collection during the Summer months. I doubt this would’ve left my side. Bright and eye-catching but easy to pull off. It glides on with the ease of a gloss, setting to a matte velvety texture.

Last but not least is Reckless – a classic red. This one is quite a deep shade and it’s perfect for the Autumn/Winter months. Like the previous two shades this lip lacquer lasts for about 3-5 hours depending on your eating/drinking habits. My only issue is that the matte formula is very drying and instead of wearing off the lacquer tends to “crumble” in pieces – either in your food, drink or on your teeth (not a good look!) My suggestions are to use a lip scrub and balm to ensure lips are super smooth and moisturised before application.

Encased in chic frosted glass packaging, they’re smooth, thick and super pigmented. I found that using just one swipe had more than enough coverage. The paraben-free formula might not be perfect, but for £3 they’re an absolute bargain.

Bottom line, would I buy more? No, not really. I need my lip products to last and the crumbling nature of these is a feature that puts me off buying more. But for somebody on a budget, they’re perfect.