A Healthy Obsession? Bourjois Healthy Mix Comparisons

(51 Serum, 51 Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix (new formula), 52 and 53 Healthy Mix (old formula))

Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation is my all time favourite everyday, drugstore foundation. I’ve repurchased it so many times that I can’t keep track. It’s been a staple in my makeup bag for years.

And whilst many were excited for the release of the new Radiance Reveal Health Mix, which boasts an improved formula and fancy packaging, my heart sank a little. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Gone has the plastic packaging, which has been replaced by a beautiful sleek, glass bottle. It comes with a red pump, that matches the Serum version of this foundation (be careful not to confuse them on the shelves) and I’ve been using it for a few days now. It has the same subtle fruit fragrance – the apricot for radiance, melon for hydration and apple for youth protection, which are now in greater quantities than the original – and it’s completely weightless. In all honesty, there’s isn’t much difference in terms of wear-time, scent, the dewy glow and the general feel of the foundation. The differences are only what you see with the packaging, and the shade range.

I’ve always been a 51 Vanille Clair kinda gal. I’ve owned all three variants of the healthy mix foundation in shade 51, and although there are no differences between the old formula and the serum, the new Radiance Reveal formula 51 is a tad darker as you can see from the comparison swatches. Which is deeply upsetting as 51 Vanille Clair was the perfect match for me for most of the year, except when I tan in the Summer months.

With the old formula gone from our shelves, I’m sticking with the Serum version (skinny glass bottle, red pump) as the shade 51 actually matches my skintone, and despite being a serum, it performs pretty much the same as the original Healthy Mix but perhaps slightly less coverage.

I’ll be keeping my 52 Vanille, and 53 Beige Clair originals (plastic bottle, black pump), and the 51 New Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix for the Summer. For the remainder of the year, it’ll be the Healthy Mix Serum in 51 Vanille Clair.


Splurge or Save? NARS Luster vs ELF Peachy Keen vs MAC Margin

(Left to Right – MAC Margin, NARS Luster, ELF Peachy Keen)

All three of these blushes are a gorgeous golden apricot colour. A colour that I tend to wear throughout the year as it’s one of my favourites, but best suited to Spring and Summer. Luster, Peachy Keen and Margin are all very similar and it’s probably isn’t worth buying all three however there are some differences, and not just the price tag.

NARS Luster is the most expensive, £21.50. It’s also soft like silk, and it’s one of the denser, creamier blushes I’ve ever used. It’s remarkably versatile, a sheer wash of colour that can built up to suit both paler and darker skintones. It’s also just that tad more pigmented than MAC.

MAC Margin was my first ever blush from MAC – it has a soft spot in my heart and I love it so much I’ve hit the pan twice. NARS Luster is a relatively new purchase for me, so time will tell which one I prefer, but the £17.50 pricetag is cheaper, and the packaging is sturdy. Ever dropped a NARS Blush and seen it smash into a million pieces on your tiled bathroom floor? Heartbreaking! There’s no difference between Margin and Luster on the cheeks.

ELF Peachy Keen is the bargain of the bunch, £3.75 but ELF often run promotions so you could get it even cheaper. The colour pay-off isn’t as good as the other two, you really have to build it up for mid to deeper complexions but you also run the risk of it becoming chalky. Peachy Keen is probably best left to those on the paler end of the spectrum.

ELF Peachy Keen net weight is 4.75g, NARS Luster is 4.8g and MAC Margin’s net weight is a purse friendlier 6g.