ELF HD Blush in Headliner and Superstar Review & Swatches

I’ve never considered ELF to be much of a contender in my makeup collection. With such good, affordable brands on our doorstep (Sleek, MUA ect) why do I need to bother with ELF? Their products aren’t available in shops, and whilst I don’t mind buying my makeup online – 9 times out of 10 I’ve already seen the product I’m buying instore. Taking a leap of faith, and trusting online swatches I added both Headliner and Superstar to my shopping basket.

And I’m rather glad I did.

Initially I was surprised by how dinky, and small the packaging is. That aside, it’s cute and functional. The product is quite runny so a pump dispenser is the best option, unfortunately you nearly always end up with too much product on your hands. As these blushes are so pigmented, you really don’t need much at all. Unless you’re opting for a clown face. They apply wet, and need some blending but as they begin to dry they become matte and less “dewy” or “sheeny” although not completely a cream to poweder formula.

Pigmented, cheap and long-lasting these HD blushes from ELF are a sure winner. If you like using cream based blushes then I’d really suggest trying these. If you’re more of a powder girl you may find these messy, but it’s worth a shot with a pricetag of £3.75 if you’re looking for something more pigmented.

I wish they offered more natural colours, as I can’t see myself wearing any of the other shades available and already rarely reach for these two. Fantastic product otherwise.


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