MAC Face and Body Review & Swatches

(MAC Face and Body in Shade C1)

MAC face and body is a water based foundation that provides sheer, lightweight and long lasting coverage. The majority of foundations are 30ml. This foundation is 120ml and costs £26.50, which is a total bargain. You’re getting FOUR times the normal amount of foundation in your average bottle.

The coverage is really really light, but incredibly buildable. I like using concealer first on the areas I need coverage and then topping up with a light coverage of Face and Body to even out the rest of my skintone. I’ll add another layer if needed once the first has set. You’ll barely notice that you’re wearing foundation as it’s so lightweight.

Typically I will get 6 hours wear out of this before it starts to fade. It’ll last longer with a bit of powder/setting spray. C1 can at times look a little too orange for my pale skintone, but after blending, blending and more blending it works well for me. The finish is mostly matte, but with a hint of a glow. No glitter, no shimmer, just enough dewy goodness to keep it from looking flat.

This foundation is quite runny, and that can make it difficult to work with. If I was a really sheer coverage, applying it with my fingers will do it justice. I tend to find your typical flat fouantion brush leaves me with streaks, so a rounded brush, or a stippling brush. My favourite is the MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush (187), simply swirling and patting the product onto my face until it’s blended.

It’s by far my favourite, most loved foundation. I don’t use it very often, mostly in the Summer, but everytime I do use it I’m reminded of how brilliant it is.


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