Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Review & Swatches

Everybody seems to be talking about this pressed powder from Rimmel. At £3.99 it’s budget friendly and has received rave reviews. I don’t have oily skin, in fact at the moment it’s quite dry and flaky which makes this powder, Stay Matte, an odd choice. However I like to wear powder to set my makeup, making it last longer rather than use it for it’s mattifying purposes.

I picked out the shade 001 Transparent, which judging from my photos is actually not at all transparent. Luckily this powder is available in 7 shades, and I’d really reccomend picking one that suits you best as 001 Transparent definately isn’t a translucent one-shade-suits-all kind of deal. Luckily, I’m a pale British girl.

Compared to my favourite MAC powder, this offering from Rimmel does indeed feel powdery and chalky. It tends to look more cakey on my dry skin, and highlights/gathers in my very dry patches. I have to use a light hand, but otherwise it’s actually a really nice powder considering the pricetag.

It does ensure my makeup lasts longer, but I really need something that doesn’t cling to my dry skin too much. Shame, as I’d really reccomend this to anybody with oily skin.


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