Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray Review

The Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray retails at £21.50. Which is stupidly expensive. And honestly, there’s a similar thickening spray available on the market that’s much more affordable. Blue bottle, yellow top, and it’s last name is Frieda…however if you’re still interested in B&B’s version, read on.

It’s a lightweight setting spray that will give you hair extra oomph, a bit of volume and hold. This sounded perfect as I like volume, and use rollers often enough to appreciate a product that’ll help hold my style at the same time.

I like the fresh smell, although it doesn’t linger. Be careful not to apply too much in one area (hello crunchy hair!), I spray it all over and then blow -dry using a large round brush. My hair does feel thicker, though not as much as other products I’ve used in the past. However on the off-chance, the lady at the counter at Boots did offer to style my hair. And in the right hands you really could achieve a lion’s mane of volume if you so wish with this product. I prefer more sutble volume rather than va-va-voom hair and I can achieve this at home by myself.

It also works really well with heated rollers. If you’re going to straighten, then you’ll lose the volume this product provides.

So all in all, a versatile product. Looks pretty. Smells good. Expensive though.


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