Too Faced Brow Envy Kit Review

I wish I had actually managed to photograph this before using it – terribly unprofessional of me, however about two weeks ago I accidently plucked a chunk of hairs out of my eyebrow (I sneezed, and genuinely have no idea what happened) and have since used this everyday. Nobody, except myself and the boyf, knows that I made a big boo-boo whilst shaping thanks to this little genius kit.

Packaging is beautiful, compact and as sturdy as a cardboard box can be. I especially love the little bottom drawer. The magnetic closure means you won’t have the contenct spilling out into your makeup storage/bag.

The kit comes with two powders, one for blondes and one for brunettes. I use both, mostly blonde and then just a tiny bit of brunette to darken it as blonde alone is too light, and brunette all over is too dark. There’s a highlighter, which I never use but it’s pretty, and a setting wax. It also comes with a small angled brush, a spoolie, mini tweezers, a mini brow pencil and eyebrow stencils. Basically everything you need for well groomed eyebrows.

Despite being small, the tweezers are surprisingly good, and the pencil included in the bottom drawer is creamy and easy to use, although it probably won’t suit many blondes.

The stencils come in three different shapes, just choose the one that suits your natural eyebrow and you can use them to fill/shape your eyebrows to perfection.

Initially £28 seems pretty expensive. However as I’ve been using this everyday for about two weeks, not to mention the countless times I’ve used the stencils to help a dummy like me shape my brows, it’s worth it. I would definately repurchase if I ever lost this little kit.


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