Clearasil DailyClear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask Review

It’s been a long time since I bought a drugstore face wash – they never did much in my teens, and I moved swiftly on to more expensive brands once I became a student with a loan to spend. I still have adult acne, which has improved so much over the past 3 months thanks to my pill poppin’. But before I started doing that, I used this product from Clearasil.

It can be bought from pretty much anywhere that sells skincare, your local Supermarket should have some in stock. Or Boots. Or Superdrug. Costing at just under a fiver, this really could have turned out to be an amazing bargain according to all the rave reviews I’ve been reading across the blogosphere.

Described as a gentle cream face wash, it can be used everyday or as a 3 minute face mask. I’ve tried both, and would probably only recommend using it as a face wash. It works quite well at cleaning the skin, removing grime and makeup, but it sometimes left my skin feeling too dry and a little tight.

As a mask, it’s way too harsh for my skin. It left my skin very blotchy and angry looking afterwards with the same dryness and tight feeling that I’d get after using it as a face wash. I’ve tried leaving it on for longer (a big no no!) and for the suggested 3 minutes, with little difference. The worst bit was the cystic, painful acne that started to appear around my chin jawline that I had never experienced before.

I only use it now and again these days. I pretty much stopped using it after the cystic acne appeared. If I do use this product, I only use the smallest amount and as a face wash only. I wanted so bad to like this Clearasil product, but I’d rather spend an extra couple of quid and get something that doesn’t make my skin feel so dry, red and tight after using it. Maybe it works better with oilier skin.


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