Freederm Treatment Gel Review

So a little while back I lost my little bottle of Origin’s Super Spot Remover, and I felt largely gutted and then rushed to buy another product without doing any research. I found Freederm at my local Tesco, and popped it into my basket not really expecting much as I haven’t had much luck with spot treatments that can be bought inexpesively at a local supermarket.

I have since discovered another product that has helped my adult acne, allowing for just one or two small spots to appear weekly, if at all. This is nothing short of a miracle for me, but more on that product later….

For those odd small spots that appear, Freederm has been my go-to spot treatment, even after I found my little bottle of Origin’s spot remover. The product itself is really travel friendly, the small tube is sturdy and survives living in my handbag quite well.

I use Freederm mainly in the evenings, although the instuctions that came with the product suggest morning and night for it to be most effective. This works well for a couple of days, but then it starts to make my skin dry and patchy so it’s best left to once a day. For me, Freederm really helps make my pimples surface – the following morning it will have a whitehead and helps it fade faster. Cystic acne takes a bit longer to heal, but this product still works.

For £4.40 from my local Tesco, I’m impressed. Definately a money saver.


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