Project 10 Pan – September Empties

Since starting my Project 10 Pan waaaay back in May I’ve used up a current total of 41 products, which feels like such a huge achievement considering I am afterall a beauty junkie. It’s nice knowing that I am using all of the product, not just getting bored and moving on to the next big hyped up must-have. May my good work continue, haha.

So this months sees yet another packet of wipes used. I know they’re the mother of all evil for skincare, but honestly I use them to remove the majority of my makeup before a proper cleanse. Otherwise my cloths get very dirty, very quickly. Also included are two concealers, one my No7 which I’m not terribly fussed on, and my all time favourite Lasting Perfection by Collection (the writing has come off the tube!).

I’m an avid nail painter, so there’s another empty bottle of nail polish remover, an Aptivita face mask (review to come soon), a face moisturiser by Johnson’s and the very over-hyped Vo5 Mircale Concentrate hair oil. My favourite of this month’s empties has to be First Aid Beauty’s shave cream. It’s done wonders for my sensitive skin, and I never get a rash or razor burn with this product. Yay!


2 thoughts on “Project 10 Pan – September Empties

  1. That’s why I use wipes for too – get the worst if it off then move on to a proper cleans. I find as we’ll as saving your cloths from getting dirty faster it helps save on the cleanser as well, since you don’t need to use as much. šŸ™‚ Youve done a really good job using up your products, good luck for next month! Xo

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