Superdrug Haul

It’s not often I find myself inside Superdrug, and I really should go more often. They have some fantastic own branded stuff, from hot cloth cleansers, facial oils and entire skincare ranges dedicated to a variety of needs. Also worthy of a mention are the exclusive brands, such as Sleek and MUA, which are a firm and inexpensive favourite with beauty bloggers.

I went on my own little haul, picking up some bits and bobs that I needed and a couple of little treats. After discovering my sister had used the last of my cleansing shampoo, I decided to buy another – this time from haircare brand Fudge. They’ve created a little range of products, called Fudge Urban, exclusively for Superdrug. Decent haircare, at affordable prices. I will be sure to review the shampoo to let you guys know how I get on.

Another item that I needed was some nail polish remover, and you can’t really go wrong with Cutex. I also picked up a replacement tube of my favourite concealer, Lasting Perfection by Collection, after I lost my last one at Reading.

After hearing so many good reviews about Clearasil’s new Vitamins & Extracts range, I was rather excited to pick up the 2 in 1  facial wash and mask as it was on offer. And of course, I treated myself to a couple of 99p face mask sachets – for a girly night in.

Do you have any Superdrug favourites?


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