Topshop Nail Polish in Eclipse Review & Swatches

So this is my very first Topshop nail polish. It was kindly given to me as a present from my best friend, Lucy, who is an avid fan of the Topshop makeup range. And I don’t blame her. Everytime I go into Topshop I’m drawn to their makeup displays, especially the nail polish stand as they seem to have every colour under the sun covered. The products are also great value for money. Good quality at high street prices.

I was gifted with the shade Eclipse. A beautiful duochrome. In the bottle it looks very much like a blue based duochrome, but don’t let that decieve you. It’s actually green, with flashes of blue on the nail. Depending on your prefernce for nail polish application, you’ll only need one thick coat for good coverage. I prefer to use two thin coats, but pictured is three. It’s a lovely duochrome, that makes me want to explore the rest of range. Topshop also have a few more duochromes on their shelves that are pretty tempting. At £6 you can’t go wrong.


5 thoughts on “Topshop Nail Polish in Eclipse Review & Swatches

  1. I agree Topshop has a great makeup range & its so affordable. Their packaging always is fab too. This polish is a really unusual colour. Its very pretty. Its now on my wish list

    • I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on any of the Bohemian collection from China Glaze, but they’re on my wishlist.

      Did you not like Unpredictable? What a shame.

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