Project 10 Pan – August Empties

I had a clear out of my room just before heading to Reading Festival. It was horribly time consuming, dusty and ever so slightly shocking. The amount of beauty products I have is unbelievable. I literally have no space left to put them all. A large majority of them are hair products, and they are hidden in one of those long, thin plastic boxes that live under the bed. Thinking back, I can honestly say I’ve only bought two shampoos, and one conditioner so far in 2012 – purely because I have another 4 shampoos, 3 conditioners and 5 hair treatments stashed away. I only wash my hair twice a week!

So this month’s empties really has lost it’s fanfare and excitment of congratulating myself on using up products. There are just so many more that I have to use! I’m going to have to start doubling my efforts if I really want to get anywhere! Anyway, on with the show…

Thank goodness this month I’ve managed to use up 5 haircare products. The John Frieda Full Repair range was nice enough to use – I’ve reviewed it before. The corresponding hair treating really wasn’t much, it had the same effect on my hair as the normal conditioner. I’ve also used up a shampoo and conditioner (only one bottle is pictured, who knows what happened to the other…?) from TiGi’s Rockaholic collection. The shampoo is sulfate-free and rather lovely to use. Very average shampoo and conditioner, but my boyfriend was happy using them too. Not their usual sickly sweet scent either.

Another month, another packet of wipes. I use wipes to take off the main bulk of my makeup, and then follow up with a proper deep cleanser. I wouldn’t use them to remove makeup/cleanse by themselves unless I was incredibly tired/drunk/at a festival. These No7 ones I got using the £5 No7 voucher, and are really lovely to use. I especially like the flip closed top. Also pictured is my favourite top coat Seche Vite, some nose pore strips that I’ve already reviewed, a small bottle of Cutex nail polish remover, The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Mask, my favourite Sure deoderant and an old Collection 2000 loose powder that really needed to be chucked.

All in all 12 products used up. Maybe I am getting somewhere after all 🙂


One thought on “Project 10 Pan – August Empties

  1. I am the same. Its so shocking how many products I have & like yours they are under my bed, in cupboards. I think they are breeding. I am on a mission to use up things before re purchasing. But thats easier said than done being a complete beauty junkie with zero will power.
    You used up a fair amount of products this month :o)

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