Balmi Mint Lip Balm Review

Balmi is a new range of lip balms available from Boots for £4.99. They’re quirky, due to their design, and you can choose from a range of flavours. I picked up the mint variation, because I love the added “tingle sensation.” And I’m not really into foody/too sweet type lip balms – although the Coconut one is very tempting.

The dome shape is surprisingly easy to use. I didn’t end up with a chin full of lip balm. It has quite a thin consistency, which equals lots of re-applying if you’re a lip balm junkie. Or not, if you can’t be bothered. In all honestly, it’s just you’re average lip balm. The formula is nothing special – the minty flavour is spot-on and the tingling sensation is a fun little extra that lasts for a couple of minutes.

What I really enjoy is the packaging. You can attatch it to a keyring to keep it on hand at all times. With Balmi, at least I know it’s attatched to my keys and it’s not going to be left to gather dust in a graveyard of lip balms somewhere in drawers/containers/bags/purses/pockets. It also contains SPF 15.

I’m taking this little balm to Reading Festival with me to see how it holds up. I’m forever losing things at these sort of places, so the keyring attatchment will be super handy and festival friendly.


4 thoughts on “Balmi Mint Lip Balm Review

    • I love the design. Because it’s attatched to my keys – it means I always have a lip balm to hand, without having to dig deep in my handbag.

      The dome shape makes it super easy to apply, without fingers. I’m rather tempted to go back to Boots for the Coconut one. At the moment however, I can’t justify having two!

    • I still prefer my Carmex. Which is cheaper, thicker, has the same minty tingle and you get the same amount of product (10g). Both have SPF.

      £4.99 feels too expensive for this product if you’re on a tight budget when all you need is a decent lip balm. You are essentially paying for the design, and the dome application (no fingers needed!). Nifty though for attaching to a keyring.


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