Bumble & Bumble Texture Hair (Un)dressing Creme

(You’ll have to excuse me, I literally couldn’t take a decent photograph of myself. I still haven’t quite recovered from Reading Festival)

My hair is neither straight or curly, naturally left to it’s own devices it’s a strange fluffy mess, with only the slightest of waves. When it was shorter the waves were more prominent, but because my hair is now longer/heavier, the waves have simply dropped. So when it comes to air-drying, I try to aim for a tousled look – minimum effort, with hopefully minimum product.

I didn’t think I’d need another styling product. I have loads stashed away that I don’t think I’ve ever used. But boy am I glad I picked this little beauty up. I own the little travel sized tube, which for £9.50 is stupidly expensive. I like the packaging, the “lid” unscrews slightly, however you don’t remove it completely. There’s a little hole in the lid that the product squeezes out of. I’ve never seen hair products being dispensed like this before, and it was rather exciting (I’m sad, I know…). Right away I loved the light, beach scent. The creme itself is thick and sticky, and it’s best to start off using a small pea-sized amount and then adding more.

I made the mistake of using too much, and it left my hair crunchy. With the right amount it’s soft, matte and helps to create the most wonderful undone, tousled style. There’s alot of work involved using this product – you’ve really got to distribute the product well, and continue to rub, smooth and run the creme through your hair. It helps to use a comb too. I concentrate on my mid-lengths and ends, and then lightly use whatever product is left on my hands on my roots.

I’ve fallen in the love with this creme from Bumble & Bumble. Don’t really adore the pricetag, but what’s a girl to do? I just want to have tousled, undone, gorgeous hair.

Do you guys have any product recommendations? Especially ones that don’t break the bank?


MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

I don’t often get excited about MAC collections – they happen so frequently that if I wanted to get my hands on some LE MAC everytime one was released, I’d be skint. Plus, I’m scared. Scared I’ll fall in love with a Limited Edition item, use it up, and then be left grieving at it’s absence because it’s impossible to re-purchase.

But MAC’s Marilyn Monroe Collection, due to hit our UK shelves in October, has piqued my interest. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on an official release date, so I can set my alarm and head out to my local MAC store for some swatches. My crush on this collection is that bad. There are a bunch of new items in this collection and a couple of re-promotes, but all equally gorgeous.


  • Deeply Adored – Deep scarlet (Matte)
  • Charmed I’m Sure – Dark true red (Matte)
  • Pure Zen – Warm nude (Cremesheen)
  • Love Goddess – Mid-tone pink red (Satin)
  • Scarlet Ibis – Bright orange red (Matte)*


  • Phiff! – Sheer yellow peach*
  • Little Rock – Soft sheer white with pearl

Lip Pencil

  • Beet – Vivid reddish-pink
  • Redd – Clearly red
  • Cherry – Vivid bright blue/red


  • How to Marry – Soft White (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Preferred Blonde – Pale champagne beige (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Silver Screen – True silver (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Showgirl – Dark blue grey (Veluxe Pearl)

Eye Kohl

  • Smolder – Intense black
  • Fascinating – Intense matte white

Penultimate Eye Liner

  • Rapidblack – Rich deep carbon black

Penultimate Brow Marker

  • Universal – Natural warm taupe-brown

Brow Finish

  • Clear

False Lashes

  • Extreme Black – Carbon black

Beauty Powder

  • Forever Marilyn – Sheer pale peach

Powder Blush

  • Legendary – Pale soft coral (Satin)
  • The Perfect Cheek – Neutral pink beige (Matte)*

Nail Lacquer

  • Vintage Vamp – Rich deep retro wine (Cream)
  • Stage Red – Dark berry red (Cream)
  • Flaming Rose – True red (Cream)
  • Kid Orange – Coral (Cream)
  • Rich, Rich, Rich – Glittery gold (Pearl)

Eye Lashes

  • 35 Lash – Dramatic lash with emphasis on the centre of the lash

So between now and October, I desperately need to win the lottery. If I’m still just as poor as usual, I’d pick a couple of lipsticks, lip pencils, the beauty powder and blushes. But I want them all! Items marked with an * are repromotes.

Topshop Nail Polish in Eclipse Review & Swatches

So this is my very first Topshop nail polish. It was kindly given to me as a present from my best friend, Lucy, who is an avid fan of the Topshop makeup range. And I don’t blame her. Everytime I go into Topshop I’m drawn to their makeup displays, especially the nail polish stand as they seem to have every colour under the sun covered. The products are also great value for money. Good quality at high street prices.

I was gifted with the shade Eclipse. A beautiful duochrome. In the bottle it looks very much like a blue based duochrome, but don’t let that decieve you. It’s actually green, with flashes of blue on the nail. Depending on your prefernce for nail polish application, you’ll only need one thick coat for good coverage. I prefer to use two thin coats, but pictured is three. It’s a lovely duochrome, that makes me want to explore the rest of range. Topshop also have a few more duochromes on their shelves that are pretty tempting. At £6 you can’t go wrong.

Project 10 Pan – August Empties

I had a clear out of my room just before heading to Reading Festival. It was horribly time consuming, dusty and ever so slightly shocking. The amount of beauty products I have is unbelievable. I literally have no space left to put them all. A large majority of them are hair products, and they are hidden in one of those long, thin plastic boxes that live under the bed. Thinking back, I can honestly say I’ve only bought two shampoos, and one conditioner so far in 2012 – purely because I have another 4 shampoos, 3 conditioners and 5 hair treatments stashed away. I only wash my hair twice a week!

So this month’s empties really has lost it’s fanfare and excitment of congratulating myself on using up products. There are just so many more that I have to use! I’m going to have to start doubling my efforts if I really want to get anywhere! Anyway, on with the show…

Thank goodness this month I’ve managed to use up 5 haircare products. The John Frieda Full Repair range was nice enough to use – I’ve reviewed it before. The corresponding hair treating really wasn’t much, it had the same effect on my hair as the normal conditioner. I’ve also used up a shampoo and conditioner (only one bottle is pictured, who knows what happened to the other…?) from TiGi’s Rockaholic collection. The shampoo is sulfate-free and rather lovely to use. Very average shampoo and conditioner, but my boyfriend was happy using them too. Not their usual sickly sweet scent either.

Another month, another packet of wipes. I use wipes to take off the main bulk of my makeup, and then follow up with a proper deep cleanser. I wouldn’t use them to remove makeup/cleanse by themselves unless I was incredibly tired/drunk/at a festival. These No7 ones I got using the £5 No7 voucher, and are really lovely to use. I especially like the flip closed top. Also pictured is my favourite top coat Seche Vite, some nose pore strips that I’ve already reviewed, a small bottle of Cutex nail polish remover, The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Mask, my favourite Sure deoderant and an old Collection 2000 loose powder that really needed to be chucked.

All in all 12 products used up. Maybe I am getting somewhere after all 🙂

Balmi Mint Lip Balm Review

Balmi is a new range of lip balms available from Boots for £4.99. They’re quirky, due to their design, and you can choose from a range of flavours. I picked up the mint variation, because I love the added “tingle sensation.” And I’m not really into foody/too sweet type lip balms – although the Coconut one is very tempting.

The dome shape is surprisingly easy to use. I didn’t end up with a chin full of lip balm. It has quite a thin consistency, which equals lots of re-applying if you’re a lip balm junkie. Or not, if you can’t be bothered. In all honestly, it’s just you’re average lip balm. The formula is nothing special – the minty flavour is spot-on and the tingling sensation is a fun little extra that lasts for a couple of minutes.

What I really enjoy is the packaging. You can attatch it to a keyring to keep it on hand at all times. With Balmi, at least I know it’s attatched to my keys and it’s not going to be left to gather dust in a graveyard of lip balms somewhere in drawers/containers/bags/purses/pockets. It also contains SPF 15.

I’m taking this little balm to Reading Festival with me to see how it holds up. I’m forever losing things at these sort of places, so the keyring attatchment will be super handy and festival friendly.

Models Own Mirrorball Collection

Just take some time out of your day, only 5 minutes, to admire these beauties! Launching for A/W 12 Models Own have created 5 breathtaking glitter nail polishes. They are as follows;

  • Disco Inferno: A glittery gold disco bomb
  • Hot Stuff: An intoxicating mix of pink and gold sparkles
  • Freak Out: A crystal shimmer mix of bold blue and purple
  • Dancing Queen: Fabulous flecks of emerald, blue and gold
  • Boogie Nights: A multicoloured mix of intriguing purple, pink and blue

Some of you might actually be able to restrain yourselves to just buying a bottle or two when these are relased but I’m a nail polish hoarder and want them all. The Mirrorball Collection are five shades of chunky, hand cut glitters that can be worn over another polish, or built up to be worn alone.

Available from October 3rd Nationwide in Boots stores, and a little earlier on the Models Own website. Put it in your diary.

Brithday Hauling!

I realise it’s been a while since I last posted. And I’m really sorry for this. Life has been relatively hectic, and I’ve barely had the opportunity to reach for my laptop and type anything decent or worth while reading. But more on that later, maybe. Unless of course nobody wants to know what a busy beauty addict does during weeks and weeks of chaos. Doesn’t matter because more importantly, it’s August! Okay, the end of August but it’s still my birthday month! Even as you’re reading this, I’m still being consumed by a busy bank holiday weekend – I’m at Reading Festival. And you’re getting this post via the magic that is scheduled publishing.

I still thought it’d be worth sharing my birthday haul 🙂

The Too Faced Brow Kit was a present from my Sister, who is fanatic about brows – and mine are of course neglected and out of hand at the moment. So I’m actually very grateful for this gift, and can’t wait to share my review with your guys.  Another present I received from my best friend was a little bag of goodies, that included a bunch of great girlie bits and bobs including the above Topshop makeup. I’ve heard so much about their blushes, and was excited to see Head over Heels in my little bag, along with a gorgeous duochrome polish called “Eclipse”.

For myself I indulged a little at my local  Boots – which has now become a fantastic place to buy some premium beauty brands. Recently launched there are Ojon and Bumble & Bumble haircare, so I treated myself to a little dinky travel sized bottle of Bumble & Bumble Texture Creme. Another Stila blush made it into my basket, along with one of the new Balmi lip balms that are also a recent launch in the UK.


I’m not returning home to South Wales until late Monday afternoon – and will probably require another few days off to recover what I’m sure is going to be the best weekend at Reading Festival. Bring on The Cure and Florence!