Stila “In The Light” Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

This is another great neutral palette that’s available on the beauty market – they very much seem to be the “in” thing at the moment. MUA have released “Undressed” and Urban Decay decided one Naked palette wasn’t enough, and released Naked2 last Christmas.

I own Naked2, and I have to admit to liking Stila’s “In The Light” palette just that little bit more. Only a tiny. It costs £25, which is roughly a tenner less than Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. I actually purchased mine at Boots, using my saved up advantage card points.

The 10 eyeshadows are encased in a cardboard case, no mirror, and also includes a Smudgestick in a shade called “Damsel” – a lovely rich dark brown. The perfect accompiant to a neutral eyeshadow palette. There’s a good mix of shimmer and matte colours. The eyshadows themsevles vary on pigmentation, with very few of them needing building up, but generally creamy and soft. None are chalky, and they all have great blendability. Kitten, one of Stila’s most famous eyeshadows, is included as a perfect shimmery highlight.

What’s even better is the inclusion of a little booklet, with instruction on how to create looks using every single shade of this palette. A great inclusion for those like myself who sometimes look at a palette and wonder where to begin.


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