China Glaze Love’s a Beach

My camera totally flipped out trying to photograph this shade. Love’s a Beach is a fairly recent release from China Glaze as part of their Summer Neons collection. It’s a brightened neon pink that’s so eye-catching I’ve had several compliments.

Quite a thick formula, but managable. Dries semi-matte – the shimmer helps it from looking too flat.


Stila “In The Light” Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

This is another great neutral palette that’s available on the beauty market – they very much seem to be the “in” thing at the moment. MUA have released “Undressed” and Urban Decay decided one Naked palette wasn’t enough, and released Naked2 last Christmas.

I own Naked2, and I have to admit to liking Stila’s “In The Light” palette just that little bit more. Only a tiny. It costs £25, which is roughly a tenner less than Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. I actually purchased mine at Boots, using my saved up advantage card points.

The 10 eyeshadows are encased in a cardboard case, no mirror, and also includes a Smudgestick in a shade called “Damsel” – a lovely rich dark brown. The perfect accompiant to a neutral eyeshadow palette. There’s a good mix of shimmer and matte colours. The eyshadows themsevles vary on pigmentation, with very few of them needing building up, but generally creamy and soft. None are chalky, and they all have great blendability. Kitten, one of Stila’s most famous eyeshadows, is included as a perfect shimmery highlight.

What’s even better is the inclusion of a little booklet, with instruction on how to create looks using every single shade of this palette. A great inclusion for those like myself who sometimes look at a palette and wonder where to begin.

Essie No Place Like Chrome

No Place Like Chrome is a metallic or foil silver/chrome from Essie’s latest collection, Mirror Metallics. Not my favourite from the collection, but I still couldn’t stop myself from purchasing it. I’ve already reviewed Good as Gold, and Penny Talk from the collection, inlcuding the formula. So check them out. But for now, just enjoy the gorgeousness that is No Place Like Chrome.

Project 10 Pan – July

It’s amazing how fast you can go through products once you set your mind to it. It’s great seeing the empties, and then moving on to the next product. The most exciting bit is of course making space for the new products you buy. But at least I don’t own about 5 exfoliators any more. Just one.

Not much to report on here. Some more wipes that I’ve used up. The Boots Essential Wipes (green packet) are my favourite cheap option. Again the  Nail Polish remover is Tesco’s own brand, which did a pretty good job at removing nail polish. Inexpensive too.

I liked the hair products apart from the Umberto Giannini hair mask – it didn’t really do much. The TiGi dry shampoo smelt gorgeous, and isn’t as sticky as Batiste.  I liked the sulfate-free shampoo from L’Oreal, however not as much as Naked’s offerings which are roughly the same price.

I plan on reviewing the No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth cleanser soon, I’ve already repurchased. Somewhere in the middle is an orange tube. That’s a microdermabrasion polish from the Body Shop’s Vitamin C line. I liked it, really scrubby. But I’m not really into scrubby-type exfoliators. And lastly the Molton Brown shower gel. Which smelt heavenly. Shame about the expensive price tag.

INIKA Certified Organic Eyeliner Review & Swatches

INIKA are committed to producing luxury natural makeup, that not only are free from petrochemicals and other synthetic substances but also aim to maintain their Certified Organic, Halal, Cruelty Free and Vegan status. All of this is pretty much unheard of in the beauty world. The brand isn’t cheap, they’re £11.75 each, but no more so than MAC, Illamasqua or any other higher-end makeup brand.

I have two of their Certified Organic Eyeliners, Coco (brown) and Graphite (grey/silver). The texture is soft and glides smoothly on to the eye. It feels so nice to apply. The creamy consistency allows the product to be blended to create a softer or smoky look. The Graphite shade is especially beautiful, a pewter silver that shimmers and looks pretty when it catches the light.

(Coco on the left Graphite right)

My only problem is that due it’s creamy formulation, it has a tendency to be easily smudged. I’m an avid liquid eyeliner user, and I’m just not accustomed to wearing a soft eyeliner. One wipe/rub of my tired eyes and this stuff goes everywhere! Anybody with oily eyelids is really going to struggle to keep this product on.

Shame, as Graphite is rather pretty.

Anybody have any tips on how to make this stuff stick? I already use a primer, and putting eyeshadow on top seems to defeat the object of having that beautiful colour on show.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation Review & Swatches

So this is the new foundation launching early August at available Urban Decay stockists (Debenhams, House of Fraser). It’s called Naked Skin (UD still seem to be cashing in on the Naked theme…) and it’s available in a wide variety of shades. From the lightest to the darkest, from cool-toned to those who are warmer.

I’ve been given a sample of the product, and I have Shade 3.0. Shades ending in .0 are warmer, compared to the shades ending in .5 which are cool-toned. I’m fair, but often find myself using the lightest shade of a yellow based foundation. I’m C1 according to MAC.

Shade 3.0 is an okay match. It’s too orange/dark for my liking. Perhaps a shade lighter next time. Or even two shades lighter. Shade 3.0 is the most yellow based foundation I’ve ever come across.

I found that using not long after using my moisturiser and to use a buffing brush is best. If my skin is too dry to begin with it looks patchy. You can build up the layers once the first one has set, but don’t go too far as this foundation dries to a powder demi-matte finish. The light diffusing spheres which are supposed to make you look professionally re-touched (err, really?!), are good to create that dewy finish without your foundation looking “wet”. The coverage it fantastic. It worked well on my blemishes in just the first layer. Total coverage by the second. I’m impressed.

It also has some interesting ingredients aimed at helping your skin. An anti-wrinkle and lifting peptide, Vitamin E, Sodium Hyaluronate that attracts and holds water in your skin helping it to look smooth and soft and Japanese Green Tea which helps to calm and sooth skin. All these ingredients are a bonus.

I’d like to go back to get my hands on a lighter shade, otherwise I feel too self-conscience wearing so much yellow.

Essie Penny Talk

I’m still enjoying Essie’s Mirror Metallics collection, and have already previously swatched Good as Gold. Which I loved so much, I went back to Boots to pick up the rest of the collection.

Today I have Penny Talk. It’s a very light copper, which looks more rose gold than anything else. I kinda failed to take any half decent pictures – I’m tired and cranky. I’d still recommend using a ridge filler base coat, as metallic nail polishes are totally unforgiving if you’re nails aren’t in the best of shape.

Overall I still love these polishes. The formula is opaque, and the only downside is that the polish dries too quickly before it can level out on the nail. So careful application is key.

Still loving the metallic finish though. Makes a change from all the Summer brights and pastels.