Bourjois 123 Foundation

When I first saw this foundation in Boots, I was impressed. It sounded fantastic. A foundation that contained a combination of clever, correcting pigments to disguise dark circles, dull skin and redness all of which I suffer from time to time. I’ve always liked the Healthy Mix foundation, and decided to give it a whirl.

I bought the shade 51 Light Vanilla, as this is the shade I most use when buying Boujois’ Healthy Mix foundation. There are 5 shades available, which isn’t alot of choice. I’ve included a comparison picture below, to show the difference between the Healthy Mix’s 51 Light Vanilla, and the 123 Perfect 51 Light Vanilla. You can clearly see the 123 Perfect is more orange, and is just too dark for me to wear without a tan. I have no idea if this is because of the “correcting pigments” within the foundation, but orange is not a good look!

(123 Perfect the left, Health Mix on the right. Both shade 51 Light Vanilla)

Coverage is okay, medium and buildable.. The first thin layer doesn’t hide any of my blemishes, so I have to apply this product in certain areas much like I would with a concealer. The formula is a little weird, not what I was expecting. It’s a thick liquid that dries to a powder, matte finish. I mix in a drop or two of my Mac Lustre Drops, as I’m not a keen wearer of matte foundations. For £10.99, this is an average high street price, but there are better ones out there more suitable for a paler skintones. If you’re darker than me and like a matte, medium coverage foundation, then try this one.

Overall I’m not impressed. If there was a better shade range, I’d be tempted to wear it more often. At the moment I can only wear it in the evenings when you can’t see the orange around my hairline. I will try to make better use of it during the Summer, when my skin becomes more tanned however this seems unlikely as there isn’t any sunhsine to be found in Wales 😦


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