Ayuuri Cleansing Neem Body Wash

I’d never heard of the Ayuuri brand before, or Neem Oil for that matter, but I’m glad that I received it in April’s Glossybox (shame, it was my 6th bottle of shower gel in a row though). It contains neem, tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus oils. At £4.95 for 200ml, it’s not overly expensive either.

This body wash is all about cleansing, it feels cools and soothing on your skin. Lovely after a hot summer’s day (should they exsist, silly British weather!) or in the morning when you need a little pick-me-up.

It’s a little runny, but lathers well in the shower. I found it great to use on my slightly pink skin after our 5 days of decent weather a couple of weeks ago. As the formula is paraben free, it’s a great “green” alternative to the shower gels/washes you find in your local supermarket.


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