Origins Super Spot Remover

This has to be my newest love. I can see myself being quite faithful to this product for a long time.

Origins Super Spot Remover contains Salicylic Acid, which helps to eliminate blemishes. It also contains skin calming Caffeine and Red Algae which will visibly improve and relieve irritating redness. All you need to do is simply apply to targeted areas on your skin.

It costs £12.00 a pop, not exactly cheap but my previous spot remover cost £8.00, so it’s not a massive increase for me. You get 10ml worth of a gel product, when used sparingly will last quite some time.

On normal spots, it does reduce the size very quickly and I am finding that they don’t actually turn into nasty big white heads but they remain under the skin and just shrink within a couple of days. I use morning and night, and haven’t experienced any dryness or bad reactions. It does sting a tiny bit for only a few seconds.

This is probably the most effective anti-blemish/spot remover product I’ve tried so far. It’s not drying, and does the job. Anybody else a big fan of Origins products?


4 thoughts on “Origins Super Spot Remover

    • I’m really happy to hear I’m not the only fan. Do you like other Origins products? I’m definately going to try a few more after the success I’ve had with the spot remover x

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