Essie Cute as a Button

So I’ve finally managed to get my hands on some Essie. I did spy some in Boots a couple of weeks ago, the nude, taupe-y shades were practically gone, but put off buying. On the off-chance that my boyfriend and I were browsing Boots last weekend, he pointed out the Essie stand to me and said “You like nail varnish, don’t you?”

I’m so glad he notices such things. As a treat, he bought me a bottle. I let him choose the colour, to surprise me. So here is Essie’s Cute as a Button.

Cute as a Button is a great Summer shade. It’s a gorgeous coral colour, that’s bright, almost neon in artificial light. It dries a little matte, so a super glossy topcoat is required.

Annoyingly, like most Essie polishes (diffusion line or not), it streaks. There’s actually some bald spots after applying 3 coats. However I do really like the new wider brush. I’ll have to do a comparison post of the diffusion line and original Essies.

If you don’t quite fancy shelling out £7.99 for a bottle, Bourjois make a very similar colour as part of their 10 Day Nail Polish range. It’s Macaron and costs £5.99

Glesni xo



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