Review: T-Zone Nose Pore Strips

I have large pores, that occasionally get a bit icky. But they are nothing compared to the blackheads on my boyfriend’s nose. I buy pore strips simply because I know how he likes to sneek into my drawer and use one. That’s not to say they are exclusively his, as I enjoy using them too.

You get 6 stipes in a packet and they’re designed and shaped to fit your nose. These ones don’t quite fit properly on my nose, but sit really well on my boyfriend’s.

You need to apply the strip to a clean, wet nose. I find it best to use them after a hot shower as the steam opens the pores nicely. You peel the backing off the stip and gently press it onto your nose. Leave it for 10 minutes until it hardens. It will become stiff and you’ll have to pull from the edges. It’s not painful.

I use them when my pores become clogged, rather than routinely like my boyfriend who finds them best to be used fortnightly. They work well to pull out most blackheads, but the really stubborn ones stay.

You can get 6 nose pore strips for £5.06 at Superdrug.

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