Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

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After re-organising my makeup drawer I realised I had three bottles of this foundation. I’ve repurchased quite a few times, which must mean that there’s something special about this foundation.

Luckily enough the three bottles that I own are different shades, so I can give you a good overview of some of the lighter shades in the range. I have 51 Vanille Clair, 52 Vanille and 53 Beige Clair. Clearly 51 is my most used, mainly because it’s the lightest shade and suits me really well during the colder, less sunnier months. When I begin to tan, I move straight on to 53 Beige Clair. I’m not sure why I have 52 Vanille as it’s not a great match at all, but I do use it to mix in with the other foundations.

This foundation has a wonderfully creamy consistency without being runny, and it smells incredibly fruity. It claims to give you a perfectly glowing complexion and toned skin. It does contain a bunch of fruit extracts, from apricot to melon and apple that help the skin as they’re anti-oxidants and provide hydration. Which makes this a great foundation for anybody with drier skin.

It does have a dewy, glow finish, not the best I’ve ever used but it’s definately not matte. A medium coverage foundation, it doesn’t cover the worst of red spots but it does even skintone and doesn’t sink into my large pores.

From top to bottom, it’s 51 Vanille Clair, 52 Vanille and 53 Beige Clair. There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between 51 and 52, but I can assure 52 is pinkier and ever so slightly darker.


For £9.99 it’s a great, easily available foundation that does what it says on the bottle.

Glesni x0



3 thoughts on “Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

  1. I am so with you on this. I wear stick foundation for better coverage of my acne scars but in the summer it’s too heavy. Bourjois Healthy Mix and Healthy Mix Serum foundations are my everyday liquid foundations for summer. Love. Love. Love.

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