Review: The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

I recently finished 10 products as part of a challenge to myself, which you can see here. I now want to finish another 10 and I’ve really started to pull out some old products that have been left at the back of the drawer. One of these products is the Warming Mineral Mask from The Body Shop.

Inside is a thick, white product that self-warms as it touches your skin. It should be applied to wet, clean skin. The self-warming sensation is relaxing and helped draw out impurities. It also contains ginger and cinnamon oils which gived the mask a nice spicy, subtle scent. There’s also some seaweed extract thrown in for good measure as it has conditioning and hydrating properties.

I experienced no stinging or problems when I left it on longer than the reccomended 5 minutes. I’m more or a 15-20minute kinda girl.

This mask is great for having around for having a relaxing night in, but as for actually deep cleansing and having a positive effect on my skin – well there are better, more impressive masks on the market. Whilst this is an okay product, perhaps with repeated use I may get better results over time. It costs £9.00 per 100ml, and you get quite a few uses out of the tube.

Glesni x0



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