Review: Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Once upon a time I used to be obsessed with Lush. Now I very rarely stop by, but still enjoy various gifts from Lush. This is one of those products received inside a giftbox.

Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub retails at £4.95 for 25g. It’s pink,. girly and you guessed it, bubblegum flavoured. It’s main ingredient is castor sugar, which helps to gently scrub away dead skin and flakiness from lips. The jojoba oil is moisturising but not greasy. Which makes it the perfect product to use before applying lipstick.

The 25g jar will last you a long time, as it’s full to the brim and you don’t need to use loads. It definately works to gently scrub away any flakiness, but I wouldn’t recommend for sore lips as it may be too harsh. The jojoba oil doesn’t really moisturise enough, so I still feel the need to use a lipbalm. But lips are certainly left smooth.

Glesni x0


Glesni x0



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