Day 14 SensatioNail Gel Manicure – The Review

So my full two weeks is up, and I have to admit I am relieved. About 5 days ago I hauled a massive amount of nail polish that I’ve been dying to try out. So here’s how my nails are looking:

Pictured is my right hand, and my left is fairly similar about from losing the entire nail polish from my index finger. It chipped and I ended up peeling it off as it got terrribly irritating. This is bad for your nails and I don’t recommend it.

I’d say it’s lasted pretty well. It’s not manicure perfect, and the massive chip on my thumbnail is ghastly. The tip wear I can cope with. What was nice about this kit was that I was able to make repairs at home, rather than going back to the salon and paying.

Removal wasn’t too bad. The instructions say the buff the shine of the polish and then leave your fingers in a bowl of nail polish remover (acetone). My hand are too sensitive for this, so I wrapped them individually in cotton wool soaked with acetone, and covered with foil to keep the cotton wool in place for 10 minutes. It worked fine, although some nails needed more time. All in all, removal was about 30 minutes from start to finish. Which is only about 15 minutes less than applying the gel polish.

Overall I’m happy with the product, it’s perfect for nights out, long weekends away and even for a short holiday (I wouldn’t go the full 14 days with just one colour). Just don’t forget to apply a cuticle oil, and to moisturise as your nails will become very dry. This is true of any gel manicure, at home or in the salon.

For £85.00 it’s a hefty price tag. Worth it if you enjoy long lasting results. If however you’re like me, and get bored of the same colour after a few days, then I’d opt for having a gel manicure done on special occasions from your local salon.


4 thoughts on “Day 14 SensatioNail Gel Manicure – The Review

  1. If you have issues with the colour time you can always use your regular polish over it and remove that with acitone free remover and the colour will still be under. Or you can just use the base/top coat so your nails are clear but have a little more strength and polish over it with regular polish as above. A tip about the tip and chip issues is to make sure that the layers are very thin and to run the brush over the tip of the nail. it might even be a good idea to ‘flash’ cure the nails one at a time as you paint the tip for about 10 seconds each. Have this kit and am in love with gel polish!!!

    • I think I still need a bit of practice applying the thin layers, but I’m getting better! haha

      Love the idea of just applying the base/top coat and then having regular polish over the top. It’ll be nice having that extra strength as my nails as so thin/bendy.

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