Review: Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum

The special edition Harrods Glossybox contained a 5ml sample of Yves Saint Laurent’s Youth Liberator Serum, part of their newest anti-aging product range. Surprisingly the sample has lasted me 3 weeks, with more still in the bottle. I only ever apply a drop or two in the morning and the evening.

At first I wasn’t happy receiving this product in my Glossybox. I’m 22, and don’t feel the need to use products that target reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I don’t have any wrinkles to get rid of. So all in all, this paticular product seemed completely useless to me.

And quite frankly still is. It contains lots of new technology that helps speed up the regeneration of skin cells, plumping the skin and smoothing wrinkles etc. My skin needs none of these 3 things. My skin cells are still regularly regenerating at the moment, my skin is naturally plump and without wrinkles.

Still I tried the product, with hope that it would provide at least some preventative anti-ageing.

Naturally my skin rebelled at the idea of a serum, and a few spots broke out but by the end of the first week my skin calmed down. The serum doesn’t claim to be moisturising, and it isn’t, so you still need to use your regular moisturiser afterwards. The serum itself is lightweight, non-sticky and sinks in beautifully. It’s very lightly frangranced, but nothing offensive or long-lasting.

The only effect this product has had is noticable in photographs. I don’t wear makeup for work, and I was caught out and had my picture taken this week. My skin appeared even, and radiant. Which was rather lovely to see.

A 30ml bottle is priced at £60, which is alot. And I’m guessing I’m not in YSL’s target market. But YSL is owned my L’Oreal (is there anything they don’t own?) who just happen to produce this familiar looking serum which claims to ‘re-awaken’ your skin for half the price.

Glesni x0



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