SensatioNail Gel Manicure – Day 7

So here are my nails on Day 7. They’re still looking pretty good, no chips and very little wear and tear. I took this picture with a flash so it shows off the shimmer better.

I will admit that on Tuesday (I think? Day 4 anyway) that I had a bit of an accident with the index finger on my right hand, which is pictured. I sort of, shaved part of my nail off whilst in the shower :/

I was super tired, and it resulted in part of my nail coming off, just the tip, nothing gross! But that also meant that the gel peeled off too. The beauty of this experiment is that it’s an at home gel manicure which meant I could fix it there and then.

I simply re-applied the base coat, gel polish and a top coat and cured it between each stage. Good as a new! Despite my dodgy application.

So a whole week later and it’s still looking good. Just getting a little bored of the colour.


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