Review: Rituals Zensation Foaming Shower Gel

I’ve used foaming shower gels before, and quite liked them. I received this Zensation shower gel in the Christmas Glossybox and I’m only just getting around to using this can up. And I can’t quite decide if I like it or not.

It comes out of the pump as a gel, but it quickly foams up once it comes in contact with water. You don’t need to use alot as one squirt is enough to cover your entire body (or two if you just so happen to have hips the same size as mine) and it feels luxurious and thick.

The scent, cherry blossom and rice milk, is lovely and light but doesn’t linger too long after the shower. The only negative is that this shower gel seems to make my skin drier. Which is why I wouldn’t repurchase. And that £6.50 is a pretty hefty price tag for a foaming shower gel that’s comparable to Imperial Leather Foamburst (£2.99).


One thought on “Review: Rituals Zensation Foaming Shower Gel

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