OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

Possibly my most used shade. It was also the very first OPI nail polish that I bought. I’ve repurchased quite a few times.

It’s a somewhat misunderstood shade. It’s a very sheer, nude, milky pink. It leans a little on the peachy side. Alot of people seem to get annoyed because it is so sheer. And I understand that having to apply 4 or 5 coats to obtain opacity is annoying, and makes the drying time long but this colour was never really meant to be worn opaque. It’s colour developed for a French manicure.

It’s a sort of my-nail-colour-but-better deal. Sophisticated, classic, demure and elegant. If you’re not allowed to wear nail polish at work, you could probably get away with one or two coats of this.

You can of course wear it opaque, and that’s lovely too. Pictured is 3 coats. No topcoat.

Glesni x0



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