Glossybox – February

I’m a bit late posting this, as my Glossybox parcel has been laying forgotten amongst other letters (bills! bills! bills!) that I haven’t got around to opening. And I’m so ashamed and after opening have wondered why it took me so long.

I was really excited about some products, others I’m guessing will grow on me. But I can see myself getting some good use out of all of these products. In my February Glossybox was;

Becca Beach Tint Watermelon
This is an award-winning lip and cheeck stain that blends to a non-drying and water resistant finish. I received a full size sample, which retails at a whopping £20.00. It does indeed smell like Watermelon, and I can see myself using this product on holiday or during beach trips.

Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitiser
I don’t like anything lavander scented. This included. However I’ll use the product as I’m constantly in danger of developing coughs and colds through work as a teacher. My box included a full sized 59ml product that’s handy to put in my bag. It’s organic and retails at £3.99 but don’t see myself repurchasing because of the scent.

Awapuhi By Paul Mitchell – Wild Ginger Treatment Oil
Now this product I was seriously excited about, as I love anything hair related. Mine arrived leaking, which made my box smell gorgeous. Only a 25ml sample, but a full sized 100ml costs £25.95. It claims to smooth and seal parched hair and I can’t wait to trial it.

BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
Probably the least exciting product in my box. I generally find most mineral eyeshadows to be chalky and not very pigmented. I received a 1g sample (half of a full sized product) in the shade Noir, which the website describes as a matte black. But I swear I can see some shimmer in there. It’s buildable, needs a primer and I doubt I’d really use it as I already have MAC’s Black Tied in my collection which is a carbon copy.

Cosmo Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel
For the third month in a row I have received a body wash/gel. Which I find disappointing. It smells lovely, kinda reminds me of Olbas oil. It’ll get used, it’s a handy size for travelling but no more shower gels Glossybox! Please! I haven’t finished any of the other ones from previous boxes.

Overall I’m happy. They’re products I’ll use (most of the time) and it’s good to see two full sized products in there. How about you guys, did you get any of these products? What else did you get?


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