Day 14 SensatioNail Gel Manicure – The Review

So my full two weeks is up, and I have to admit I am relieved. About 5 days ago I hauled a massive amount of nail polish that I’ve been dying to try out. So here’s how my nails are looking:

Pictured is my right hand, and my left is fairly similar about from losing the entire nail polish from my index finger. It chipped and I ended up peeling it off as it got terrribly irritating. This is bad for your nails and I don’t recommend it.

I’d say it’s lasted pretty well. It’s not manicure perfect, and the massive chip on my thumbnail is ghastly. The tip wear I can cope with. What was nice about this kit was that I was able to make repairs at home, rather than going back to the salon and paying.

Removal wasn’t too bad. The instructions say the buff the shine of the polish and then leave your fingers in a bowl of nail polish remover (acetone). My hand are too sensitive for this, so I wrapped them individually in cotton wool soaked with acetone, and covered with foil to keep the cotton wool in place for 10 minutes. It worked fine, although some nails needed more time. All in all, removal was about 30 minutes from start to finish. Which is only about 15 minutes less than applying the gel polish.

Overall I’m happy with the product, it’s perfect for nights out, long weekends away and even for a short holiday (I wouldn’t go the full 14 days with just one colour). Just don’t forget to apply a cuticle oil, and to moisturise as your nails will become very dry. This is true of any gel manicure, at home or in the salon.

For £85.00 it’s a hefty price tag. Worth it if you enjoy long lasting results. If however you’re like me, and get bored of the same colour after a few days, then I’d opt for having a gel manicure done on special occasions from your local salon.


OPI You Callin’ Me A Lyre?

OPI You Callin’ Me A Lyre? is a pretty, sheer pink from OPI’s newest collection, New York City Ballet Soft Shades 2012. I really like this shade, despite it’s sheerness.

Annoyingly today we had plenty of black paint out at school, which is a nightmare to remove from under my nails. So my deepest apologies for terribly, dirty looking nails.

Pictured is 3 coats. Below I’ve included a comparison to OPI’s most famous nude/french shade Coney Island Cotton Candy. You can see that there is a major difference should you find yourself mmmm-ing and ahhh-ing over investing in another nude-ish polish.

Glesni x0


Review: Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum

The special edition Harrods Glossybox contained a 5ml sample of Yves Saint Laurent’s Youth Liberator Serum, part of their newest anti-aging product range. Surprisingly the sample has lasted me 3 weeks, with more still in the bottle. I only ever apply a drop or two in the morning and the evening.

At first I wasn’t happy receiving this product in my Glossybox. I’m 22, and don’t feel the need to use products that target reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I don’t have any wrinkles to get rid of. So all in all, this paticular product seemed completely useless to me.

And quite frankly still is. It contains lots of new technology that helps speed up the regeneration of skin cells, plumping the skin and smoothing wrinkles etc. My skin needs none of these 3 things. My skin cells are still regularly regenerating at the moment, my skin is naturally plump and without wrinkles.

Still I tried the product, with hope that it would provide at least some preventative anti-ageing.

Naturally my skin rebelled at the idea of a serum, and a few spots broke out but by the end of the first week my skin calmed down. The serum doesn’t claim to be moisturising, and it isn’t, so you still need to use your regular moisturiser afterwards. The serum itself is lightweight, non-sticky and sinks in beautifully. It’s very lightly frangranced, but nothing offensive or long-lasting.

The only effect this product has had is noticable in photographs. I don’t wear makeup for work, and I was caught out and had my picture taken this week. My skin appeared even, and radiant. Which was rather lovely to see.

A 30ml bottle is priced at £60, which is alot. And I’m guessing I’m not in YSL’s target market. But YSL is owned my L’Oreal (is there anything they don’t own?) who just happen to produce this familiar looking serum which claims to ‘re-awaken’ your skin for half the price.

Glesni x0


Revlon Lip Butter – Cotton Candy

I have two of the new Revlon Lip Butters and the first I have to show you guys is the Cotton Candy shade.

These launched about a week ago, and have since been flying off the shelves. Available in 14 gorgeous, wearable shades at Boots for £7.99, they’re a bargain.

These beauties are packaged in a plastic quilted sleeve that matches the shade inside. It’s practical, colour co-ordinated and sturdy. Definately handbag friendly.

This shade, Cotton Candy is a warmed toned pink, with tiny gold shimmer. It’s been compared to MAC’s Creme Cup, if that’s your thing. It’s glossy, and nicely pigmented considering it’s balmy, creamy formula.

Glides on like a tinted lip balm, but so much more pigmented that gives a semi-opaque, glossy finish. I love how moistursing and easy these Lip Butters are to wear. They’re so comfortable.

These are going to be a Summer staple for me, as I love the creamy formula. Although I am slightly scared that this lip butter will melt. The colour doesn’t last long on the lips however, roughly 2 or 3 hours at best. But honestly, I like wearing it so much that it doesn’t bother me.

Has anybody else managed to grab a couple of these? What do you think, worth the hype?

UPDATE:  I managed to get a little swatch of this on my lips. Please excuse how thin and wonky they are. Honestly, they just don’t behave!

Glesni x0


SensatioNail Gel Manicure – Day 7

So here are my nails on Day 7. They’re still looking pretty good, no chips and very little wear and tear. I took this picture with a flash so it shows off the shimmer better.

I will admit that on Tuesday (I think? Day 4 anyway) that I had a bit of an accident with the index finger on my right hand, which is pictured. I sort of, shaved part of my nail off whilst in the shower :/

I was super tired, and it resulted in part of my nail coming off, just the tip, nothing gross! But that also meant that the gel peeled off too. The beauty of this experiment is that it’s an at home gel manicure which meant I could fix it there and then.

I simply re-applied the base coat, gel polish and a top coat and cured it between each stage. Good as a new! Despite my dodgy application.

So a whole week later and it’s still looking good. Just getting a little bored of the colour.

Review: Rituals Zensation Foaming Shower Gel

I’ve used foaming shower gels before, and quite liked them. I received this Zensation shower gel in the Christmas Glossybox and I’m only just getting around to using this can up. And I can’t quite decide if I like it or not.

It comes out of the pump as a gel, but it quickly foams up once it comes in contact with water. You don’t need to use alot as one squirt is enough to cover your entire body (or two if you just so happen to have hips the same size as mine) and it feels luxurious and thick.

The scent, cherry blossom and rice milk, is lovely and light but doesn’t linger too long after the shower. The only negative is that this shower gel seems to make my skin drier. Which is why I wouldn’t repurchase. And that £6.50 is a pretty hefty price tag for a foaming shower gel that’s comparable to Imperial Leather Foamburst (£2.99).

SensatioNail Gel Manicure – Day 3

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Here’s a picture mainly just to show the colour of the ‘Raspberry Wine’ SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit. Not quite the deep pink, wine-coloured shade I had in mind however the shimmery hot pink colour is perfect for Summer. It went on a little streaky, and I had to do 3 thin coats instead of the recommended 2 in the instructions. Better to have 3 thin coats than 2 thick ones as it may not cure properly under the light.

I’m three days in, and so far no chips, peeling or shrinkage. Already it’s lasted longer than normal polish on my nails which is a good sign. But it’s gonna have to last the full 2 weeks if it’s really going to be worth the £85.00 price tag.