Review: Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

Now over the years I have managed to hoard a massive collection of lip balms. Many bought simply because they looked cute, or smelt great.  Most feel pretty good on the lips, and do a wonderful job but there’s one little pot that I come back to time and time again.

I have 7 of these Carmex pots lying around my bedroom/handbags/workspace. The one pictured is the Cherry scented version, which is by far the most battered pot of them all (clearly visible from the scratched tin lid). Carmex isn’t tested on animals and contains SPF15 which is pretty handy during the Summer months. It also comes in tube packaging.

Inside the pot the product itself is a solid, yellow balm. The warmth from your fingers will easily heat the product up enough for it to easily apply smoothly, no greasy feeling left on your lips either. It goes on clear, with a nice tingly sensation. But the best part? This is the only lip balm in my collection that actually helps with incredibly sore lips. Y’know, when they’re sore, red around the mouth and cracked after too much lip licking? Nothing else comes close. Apply Carmex and instantly my lips are soothed.

Glesni x0


Carmex is available practically everywhere, Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets. Depending on your Carmex of choice (stick, tube, pot, mint, cherry or original) they normally retail for around £1.95. But I have seen them over the £2 mark.


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