Review: The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose Body Butter

The Body Shop’s body butters are famous, but it’s not until they released this scent a couple of years ago, did I pick up some interest in the product. At first I found them hideously overpriced, and can assure you I bought mine on offer. (2 Body Butters for £15). But I have since fallen in love with this delicately rose scented body butter.

If you’ve ever enjoyed Dolce & Gabbana’s The One Rose perfume, then you’re sure to like this product. It’s divine, sophisticated and far more grown up compared to their other sticky, shimmery coconut scented offerings. The scent lasts for ages, and I can even still smell it faintly the following day.

The product itself is creamy and soft. Absorbs well and keeps my skin lightly moisturised. If your skin is super dry, this probably isn’t the product for you even though it contains shea buttter.

A 200ml tub costs £12.50.


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