Maybelline Lasting Drama 24H Gel Eyeliner

I’ve finally finished my little pot of MAC Blacktrack fluidline, so I’ve been searching for a gel eyeliner alternative. After reading many wonderful reviews about Maybelline’s offering, I just had to go out and buy it.

The product comes in a nice, simple, small frosted pot. It also comes with a small eyeliner brush, which makes the £7.99 price tag really appealing. At the moment it’s only available in black, but I’m sure due to it’s popularity that Maybelline will release more colours. They’d be stupid not to.

The eyeliner is soft and creamy, doesn’t tug and dries to a matte finish. I was actually impressed with it. But then I tried wearing it for a whole day, and then it quickly went down hill.

Maybelline claim that this eyeliner is non transfer, but it easily smudges and ended up all over my eyelids. I tried not to rub, applied a primer and left it time to dry but it still insisted on smearing. The colour itself isn’t very intense, it’s almost charcoal rather than the true deep black I’m used from MAC’s Fluidline. The color can be darkened by applying more layers but I think that only adds to the smearing problem.

The only way I can use this little pot of eyeliner is to apply a very thin line at the base of my lashes to make them look thicker. Certainly no thick, winged line for me. Which is a shame, as I had really high hopes for this product. But it’s just too creamy and the lasting power awful (definately not 24H!).

Anybody else having problems with this eyeliner? Any ideas on how to make it stick?


OPI Skull & Glossbones

Skull and Glossbones was part of OPI’s movie-themed release for Pirates of The Carribean film back in May last year. No, I haven’t seen the fourth installment of Disney’s swashbuckling adventure. I don’t intend to. No matter how dishy Johnny Depp is.

Greys are sometimes difficult to wear, but even I can pull off this one. It’s a soft pale grey, without shimmers or pearls. You’d expect streaking, or pulling from a pastel polish but this one applies like a dream. Pictured is two coats and seche vite topcoat.

MAC Margin

Margin is a frosty/shimmery peach gold, and as you can’t tell from the picture but it’s probably one of my most used blushes. It’s similar to Nars’ Luster blush, but costs slightly less. All of MAC’s powder blushes retail at £17.50. I currently use MAC’S Face and Body foundation in C1 and have no problems wearing this warm shade. It’s a nice pick-me-up, and perfect for Summer.

What I would say is that a little goes a long way. Try not to be too heavy handed with this blush or you will end up looking like a clown.

Glesni x0


Review: Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now

This is a cuticle cream with vitamins and soy proteins. The packaging is white and orange, and small enough to fit into your handbag to carry with you everywhere. The cream is rich and emollient, without being greasy and it absorbs quickly. It even smells pleasant, a little perfume-y. You only need a little bit, so a quick dab in the morning, during my lunch break and when I get home in the evening. Which is handy, as there isn’t alot in the tiny tub (14.3ml).

It’s improved the state of my cuticules, but hasn’t really done much for my weak, bendy and peeling nails. It’s less messy than using a oil, and absorbs much quicker. I wouldn’t be repurchasing as I need a more multi-use product – I may as well have just used a hand cream as this product did nothing for my nails. If it’s a cure for raggedy cuticules, then give this a shot.

Review: Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

Now over the years I have managed to hoard a massive collection of lip balms. Many bought simply because they looked cute, or smelt great.  Most feel pretty good on the lips, and do a wonderful job but there’s one little pot that I come back to time and time again.

I have 7 of these Carmex pots lying around my bedroom/handbags/workspace. The one pictured is the Cherry scented version, which is by far the most battered pot of them all (clearly visible from the scratched tin lid). Carmex isn’t tested on animals and contains SPF15 which is pretty handy during the Summer months. It also comes in tube packaging.

Inside the pot the product itself is a solid, yellow balm. The warmth from your fingers will easily heat the product up enough for it to easily apply smoothly, no greasy feeling left on your lips either. It goes on clear, with a nice tingly sensation. But the best part? This is the only lip balm in my collection that actually helps with incredibly sore lips. Y’know, when they’re sore, red around the mouth and cracked after too much lip licking? Nothing else comes close. Apply Carmex and instantly my lips are soothed.

Glesni x0


Carmex is available practically everywhere, Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets. Depending on your Carmex of choice (stick, tube, pot, mint, cherry or original) they normally retail for around £1.95. But I have seen them over the £2 mark.

Review: The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose Body Butter

The Body Shop’s body butters are famous, but it’s not until they released this scent a couple of years ago, did I pick up some interest in the product. At first I found them hideously overpriced, and can assure you I bought mine on offer. (2 Body Butters for £15). But I have since fallen in love with this delicately rose scented body butter.

If you’ve ever enjoyed Dolce & Gabbana’s The One Rose perfume, then you’re sure to like this product. It’s divine, sophisticated and far more grown up compared to their other sticky, shimmery coconut scented offerings. The scent lasts for ages, and I can even still smell it faintly the following day.

The product itself is creamy and soft. Absorbs well and keeps my skin lightly moisturised. If your skin is super dry, this probably isn’t the product for you even though it contains shea buttter.

A 200ml tub costs £12.50.

OPI Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everybody is enjoying this celebration of luuuuuuuuurve. Well I am at least. The boyf is away at work until 8 this evening, which means an entire lovely day relaxing by myself. Which is kinda nice. Not that I don’t enjoy spending time with MrG, it’s just that we live inside each other’s pockets and sometimes that’s just not healthy. I’m sure we’ll have a very romantic evening later.

Anyway, on with the show. It is indeed a day of relaxation and I had time to paint my nails in a shade called Dutch ‘Ya Just love OPI? from their new Spring 2012 Holland Collection. It’s a dark, red toned purple with gold shimmer. It’s gorgeous. I just really wished we had some sunshine here in cold, rainy South Wales to take a decent picture. Here’s the bottle;

You can just about see the gold shimmer. OPI retails around £10.50. I got mine from John Lewis.