Review: Sexy Hair Colour Me Sexy Colourset Moisturising Treatment

Apologies for the poor picture. I’ve been massively tired, and poorly lately and whenever I manage to wake up it’s dark. Anyway, on with the show!

Sexy Hair products are relatively hard to come by. sells pretty much most of the range, including Sexy Hair Colourset Moisturising Treatment. It retails at £19.68 (free delivery) for 250ml. Which is incredibly expensive. I thought that they couldn’t possibly be asking that sort of money for a subpar product.

The product itself is thick and almost putty-like, smells great and contains no sulfates (this is written on the tub. I have yet to come across a treatment that contains cleansing, foaming sulfates…) and no protein. It really is just a moisturising treatment that’ll help hair colour retention as it contains UV protectants.

It claims to contain to help detangle, but if you’ve got long hair like mine don’t hold your breath. Unless you brush immediately after rinsing, my hair was left a little knotty.

After using my hair was left shiny and smoother. However it just felt like I had used a normal conditioner. Whilst experimenting and trying to get more from this product, I absolutely covered my hair with this treatment. Which proved too much and my hair was left lank and greasy. Too little product and you barely notice a difference.

It smells nice, made my hair shiny and the added UV protectants are a nice touch. But I wouldn’t reccomend based on the price. There are better, cheaper alternatives available. Although I ve heard great things about their Healthy line of products, so I’ll have to get around to ordering some of them.


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