Review: Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Treatment Shampoo

Even though my New Year’s Resolution is to grow out my coloured hair, I still maintain my blonde locks. I have an inch or so of growth, but I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my hair was looking brassy, dull and generally very rubbish. I read this review by Miss Lucy Loves and instantly had to try the range out.

Don’t let the name fool you. This shampoo isn’t just for yellowing greys, but for brassy blondes too. It’s a violet pigmented shampoo that removes any yellow/unwanted warm tones from blonde and grey hair.

The product inside the bottle is purple. Very very purple. So scary purple that it’s best to be careful as my boyfriend’s white bathroom mat is now stained with purple splodges. You have been warned. Used just like a normal shampoo, you lather up and then leave it for 5 minutes whilst it does it’s job. Rinse clear, and then follow with a conditioner. I used my own, but Pro:Voke also sell a conditioner specifically for blondes. Easy peasy. After a few washes I noticed a definate difference. A couple more and my blonde colour was cooler toned and the brassiness gone. I’m super impressed.

This product really does work. And at £3.05 for 150ml it’s not expensive either.

Glesni x0



Review: Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner

So this is Dove’s latest offering, a treatment and conditioner in one bottle. It’s purse friendly and available at your local supermarket. Inside, the conditioner was infused with treatment, it appears to be a bit like toothpaste. A white stripe for the conditioner, and a yellow treatment stripe. It smelt lovely and was thick enough to cover my long hair.

I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, Dove’s Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner has definately made a difference to my hair. My hair seems smoother and softer, and it’s not so heavy that I can’t use it everytime I wash my hair. I worry about build-up, but as long as I use a good sulfate shampoo I’ve had no problems with flat, greasy hair so far.

I’ve already reccomended this product to a friend.

Glesni x0


Review: Sexy Hair Colour Me Sexy Colourset Moisturising Treatment

Apologies for the poor picture. I’ve been massively tired, and poorly lately and whenever I manage to wake up it’s dark. Anyway, on with the show!

Sexy Hair products are relatively hard to come by. sells pretty much most of the range, including Sexy Hair Colourset Moisturising Treatment. It retails at £19.68 (free delivery) for 250ml. Which is incredibly expensive. I thought that they couldn’t possibly be asking that sort of money for a subpar product.

The product itself is thick and almost putty-like, smells great and contains no sulfates (this is written on the tub. I have yet to come across a treatment that contains cleansing, foaming sulfates…) and no protein. It really is just a moisturising treatment that’ll help hair colour retention as it contains UV protectants.

It claims to contain to help detangle, but if you’ve got long hair like mine don’t hold your breath. Unless you brush immediately after rinsing, my hair was left a little knotty.

After using my hair was left shiny and smoother. However it just felt like I had used a normal conditioner. Whilst experimenting and trying to get more from this product, I absolutely covered my hair with this treatment. Which proved too much and my hair was left lank and greasy. Too little product and you barely notice a difference.

It smells nice, made my hair shiny and the added UV protectants are a nice touch. But I wouldn’t reccomend based on the price. There are better, cheaper alternatives available. Although I ve heard great things about their Healthy line of products, so I’ll have to get around to ordering some of them.