Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion

I picked this up in a hurry not long after receiving my new haircut. It’s the only product I could find in those quick 2 minutes that suited my needs. Developed by the John Frieda Experts the Luxurious Volume range incorporates the latest thickening technology to help transform hair into beautiful, full bodied styles. Sounded promising enough for me, and at £5.79 from Boots, it’s a bargain.

The clear product is meant to be sprayed on damp hair before you blow dry. There no alcohol included on the ingredients list, which means this thickening lotion isn’t going to dry your hair out and instead leave it smooth and shiny. Hair feels like it has a little bit of texture to it, not soft, which increases the volume. This product really does work, and my hair feels much thicker.

I’m not fond of the smell at all, but for a product that works it’s a price I’ll have to pay.


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