The Choppy Bob

My absolute favourite style this season is the choppy bob.I have long hair at the moment and I’ve been hmmm-ing and ahhhh-ing at the idea of chopping my hair off. On the olus side I’d be getting rid of alot of damage and staying on trend. But on the other hand, I’ll miss my long locks.

Here are some of my favourites that are currently inspiring me.

Never thought I’d even consider a Fergie haircut, but her medium length bob wouldn’t be such a drastic change as a shorter bob.

Proof that bob’s needn’t be staight, this wavy curls style is great for those who donn’t have stick-straight hair and don’t want to straighten everyday. Dianna Agron looks amazing.

Now I liked Pixie Lott’s bob a couple of weeks ago, but since I’ve seen her latest video featuring Pusha T, I thought of nothing else. This is the haircut that’s got me on the phone to my hair stylist to book a meeting so we can discuss if this will look great with my face shape or not (it will, bobs are very versatile, but I always need a second opinion and ‘yeah, that’s lovely’ from the boyfriend isn’t enough).

Fearne is never far behind when it comes to fashion and that includes her hair. This is again a longer bob that’ll look great straight and wavy. It won’t be such a drastic chop for ladies with longer hair.

Anybody else going to be brave and go for a choppy bob?

Glesni x0



One thought on “The Choppy Bob

  1. I love Diana Agron’s style and I have quite long hair and I know I would be able to chop mine off. I have a round face too so probably also not a great idea to draw attention to the round-ness of it 😛

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