Illamasqua Bronzing Duo in Glint and Writhe Review & Swatches

So this is my first true dabble with an Illamasqua product. I have one of their lipglosses that I use occasionally, but this bronzing duo I bought for the sole purpose of warming up my complexion for Summer months. Y’know, for BBQ’s and casual evenings out so that I don’t look so darn freakin’ pale all the time. It’s nice to hear, “You look healthy!” once in a while.

This is a great multi-use product. Not only can you swirl them together for a lovely sun-kissed glow (’cause I’m THAT pale), as eyeshadows or for the purpose that these beauties are intended for. Glint makes a gorgeous peachy highlighter shade, and Writhe is a very pretty copper-bronze, used for bronzing, contouring or as a blush. It’s neither too orange, or red. Both shades contain shimmer for a lovely golden glow, and are very pigmented. One swirl of the brush will do, anymore and you’ll be over doing it with the application. If you’re fair or pale like me, then Glint and Writhe may well be a pretty good match for you. Both look natural on my fair skin. If you have a medium, or darker skintone then Illamasqua have another, more suitable Bronzing Duo for you, Glint and Burnish.

Packaging is gorgeous, black and sturdy and holds a mirror inside for travelling. Overall I really like this product, and can see myself reaching for it all the time for Summer. At £23.50, it’s not cheap, but finding a suitable bronzer for fair skin it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

L’Oréal Caresse Coeur de Perle Nude & Cute

L’Oréal Rouge Caresse lipsticks have a loyal following, and I can understand why so many are fans of them. Great colour range, and easily affordable. L’Oreal released a new variations of their Caresse lipsticks, the “Coeur de Perle” range which features four fantastic shades that should suit everybody. The main difference between these, and the original, is the white balm in the middle of the bullet instead of just pure colour.

This time I have Nude & Cute for you, a pretty pinky nude hue. It’s a great nude, considering so many nude lipsticks on the high street when applied to my own lips make me look like a member of the un-dead, zombie group. Thankfully, the pink in this shade is very flattering. It applies smoothly and has a lovely glossy finish.

The product gives a nice coverage, it doesn’t stray anywhere and it’s nice and moisturising. For £7.99 you can’t go too far wrong with one of these babies from the Caresse range. Especially when they’re often available on a 3 for 2 offer.

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser Review

I’m always trying new cleansers, in search of a product that’ll reach ‘holy grail’ status. Now I’ll start by saying that this really isn’t it for me, but it’s still a pretty decent cleanser. It usually costs £9, but it easily becomes a bargain buy when you use a £5 off No7 voucher at Boots. £4 for a decent cleanser, wow!

The product itself is of a thick gel consistency that’s doesn’t run and is very similar to the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. The gel transforms into an oil as you massage it into damp skin, turning it milky as you work it around your face. This stuff feels so light it barely feels like it’s removing any makeup – I prefer to apply it to dry skin, and then applying water to my face so I can feel the product working rather than just guessing aimlessly in the shower. It’s a fuss-free product. No need for a cleansing cloth, no foaming, no silly electronic cleansing brush required. Just plain old rub in, rub off without all the water dripping down to your elbows when you’re at the sink.

My skin looks fresher and feels softer. No horrible itchy, tight skin which is a nice result for somebody like me with dry skin. That’ll be the rosehip oil, that helps to “really lock in moisture.”

Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask Review

Now I’ve already tried the Rose Oil from the the Una Brennan range at Boots, and rather quite liked it. My only grip is that it’s £14.99 for a tiny bottle. That’s £49.97 per 100ml. In comparison to other cleansing oils, Origin’s offering may cost £19.00 initially, but you get 200ml and this works out cheaper in the long run. £9.50 per 100ml in fact. So all I can say, is pick your oils carefully!

I chose the Rose Intense Moisture Mask as I suffer from dry skin. It’s manageable, however occasionally it’ll flare up around my nose and cheeks making it impossible to apply foundation in a decent manner. First off this mask smells gorgeous, just like roses, so if you’re not a fan of the scent you may want to steer clear. As the product comes out of the tube it is a fairly thick white cream, which I smear across my face once a week.

After 5 or 10 minutes, I wash it off to discover smooth and soft skin. It does a good job. This is a really good choice for those who have dehydrated rather than dry skin as it left skin feeling very smooth and softened, although I’m not sure if it would be rich enough for dryer skin types. However, for me and my troubled nose, it has just enough moisturising properties that wield good results.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer Review & Swatches

Bourjois have released their Summer collection which hit Boots last week. They’ve added some key pieces to their bronzing range including this bronzing primer. I picked it up mainly because of it’s similarity to that famous Chanel Tan De Soleil…

This primer is a soft, mousse-like product. You only need a tiny bit but it really does blend beautifully. I use the lightest shades possible when it comes to foundation, but even I managed a healthy, all-over glowing tan with this product. No orange, or streaks in sight. Which is a major surprise as I thought I’d hate this primer given that it looks so dark in the pot. It has no long term effects, like it’s Clarins Instant Self Tanning Primer counterpart, it washes off really easily.

There’s no coverage, but as it’s a silicone base primer you’ll find that it mattifies and provides a smooth surface for your foundation. It also has that classic Bourjois “chocolate” bronzing scent, if you already like the original bronzing powder you’ll like it. Otherwise it’s a really synthetic scent that doesn’t linger. I can definitely see myself using this in the Summer months as a light base, or to mix in with some of my lighter foundations for coverage.

As for the Chanel comparisons, personally I find this better to use as a makeup base rather than a cream bronzer. It’s is possible to wear as such, it just requires alot of patience, a bit of skill and a damn good brush. Far too time consuming when it’s easier to just pick up a cream or powder bronzer.

La Roche Posay Physiological Micellar Solution Review

When it comes to affordable skincare, a good place to start is with the French pharmacy brands. Boots now stocks a wide range, from Avene and Vichy to La Roche Posay. Plus Bioderma has now made it to Britain for even more of a choice.

The La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution is a 200ml bottle of makeup remover for sensitive skins. For £11.50 it’s not massively expensive for a micellar water if you fancy trying the craze and want something other than Bioderma. I don’t believe in using such makeup removers as a regular thing, I much prefer a good routine with a cleansing oil. However on those nights when you’re exhausted, and quite frankly the majority of my makeup has already disappeared, this does the trick. It removes makeup amazingly well, sometimes I have to use 2 or three cotton pads to remove everything, however I mainly use it as an eye makeup remover. I find that LRP micellar solution works best if you really wet an entire cotton pad (one per eye) and hold on your eye for a good 30 seconds, and with one swipe you will see all your eye make-up wipe right off.

I have dry skin, and don’t find that this product makes my skin any drier but it’s probably better suited to normal/oily skin types.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review & Swatches

(Revlon Nearly Naked Swatched in shade 110 Ivory)

I’ve had this foundation for such a long time now, it’s no longer a “new” product on the shelves. The hype has calmed down, and I’ve managed to give it a thorough testing. I already love Revlon as a brand, their ColorStay foundation was a favourite of mine at University. Since then I’ve switched to lighter, silkier and more-buildable type foundations in an effort to get rid of that dreaded “cake-face.”

Nearly Naked ticks all of these boxes, and for less than a tenner on the high street, what more can you ask for? It certainly is a light coverage product, more than a tinted moisturiser but less than you’re average foundation, but it’s buildable to cover most flaws. Water-based, with no shimmers, no caked-on face, nothing powdery, just a lovely skin-like finish.

The longevity is nothing to rave about, although Revlon have released some matching powders to go with this foundation, and there isn’t a pump (Why Revlon, why?) which unless you’re careful could end up with a fair amount of wastage. I use a makeup sponge (my trusty beauty blender) in these cases and apply directly by holding the sponge on top of the bottle and tipping upside down.

For £8.99, this is a little drugstore gem for those looking for a lighter, buildable, silky foundation.